The old barn
The old barn

Burning Down the Barn

The barn is gone. I put this information on its own page because I was thinking the farm should have posts that are about the farm and the other page would be about all things spinning and fiber. Anyways, back to the barn, that no longer exists.

When we bought this property it had one of those old barns we were thinking at least one hundred years old, possibly more. A piece of history, right? However, it had not been properly maintained in many years, had daylight coming through places in the roof and was leaning a bit. The leaning was mostly caused by one of the main cross beams having a split or crack near the middle that was starting to make that particular beam make a scary dip in the middle.

Saving the barn, or trying to . .  First we looked into what it would cost to repair the barn, had a few carpenters, builders etc come in and look at the old barn. One of them actually asked us if we were millionaires. Umm, no. Another person said maybe we could rig some things to make it last a few more years. Well, maybe?

Appeasing the insurance company. So when the insurance company said we had to restore the barn, which included fixing the roof, or lose our homeowners insurance we took notice. We even shopped for other homeowners insurance. Most of them said, “We’ll get back to you on that.”

In the end we had to tear it down, losing awesome hay storage and a valuable road marker for our neighbors. Our directions to our house usually included: We’re the house with the big barn at the end of the driveway

I even heard some stories from locals about the barn, how many teenager makeout sessions were had in that barn, how parties by locals were had in the barn. Everyone wanted us to save the barn, but the cost to restore would have been more than two new buildings the same size would cost. It was a very large barn.

We still have the little barn, as we call it, that was right next to the old barn. Our bunnies and sheep sleep in there. We wait for the school bus in there. Other memories will be made. But we think it’s ok to remember the old barn and the good times that it must have had.