So this past week  I was recovering from a fabulous but exhausting weekend at the 2016 Maine Fiber Frolic: Maine’s Premier Sheep and Wool Festival!

 Several different things were going on to prepare for this lovely weekend of fiber fun. It was the maiden voyage of our new to us family camper. We haven’t named her yet, but I think that needs to happen. We loved having the convenience of a kitchen, beds with mattresses, and I really love not sleeping on the ground or an air mattress. For those of you who think people with RV’s are not really camping . . I just don’t care. I have spent many many years tent camping, heck I slept in a cot in Jack’s Valley when I went through basic training, I slept leaning on a frickin’ tree in the rain under a poncho during SERE training, and above the tree line in a freezing tent in January on Pikes Peak in Colorado after snow shoeing for hours in waist deep snow.

I think I deserve a mattress now. I love our RV.

 Well that was a little trip down memory lane, back to the present! Getting ready for the Fiber Frolic, I  pre-cooked our meals because Fair Food for a family of seven for a weekend is a bit on the pricey side and I knew I would be too tired to cook.


Kathleen felting pretty things!
Kathleen felting pretty things!

 I was making sure as the Volunteer and Demo Coordinator of the Frolic, that I had all my checklists and positions filled. Around a hundred volunteers come out each year to help run this awesome Fiber Fair. It’s many months in the planning. If you are interested in being a part of the team, we welcome you! Go to for more info. Some of our fabulous volunteers did great wheel and felting demos. So many awesome volunteers! 

Great Wheel Demo
Great Wheel Demo

 I submitted some skeins for the Maine Spinners Registry Skein show. I even got a first place and Best in Show for my wool and silk skein! I almost didn’t enter that one, so glad I did.

White bulky merino, Blue-green merino and Silk & Wool Blend
White bulky merino, Blue-green merino and Silk & Wool Blend

There was a  Make it With Fiber contest. Small confession, In the madness of preparation I forgot to block the shawl I entered, and the comment by the judges is it would look even better if it was blocked. I wish I would have taken a picture of the wonderful piece of felting that won the best in show, it was fabulous!




I did a fiber demo on carding, blending on a carder, and even a small combing demo. I think I taught some people a few things and there may be a new combing convert out there. Combing has the most beautifully prepped fiber for spinning. A whole other blog post required for that discussion.

Don’t forget the animals, sheep, alpaca, rabbits, goats, sheep dogs, and I think there was a llama!

image  image  image  image

And finally, I brought home another Vinalhaven Merino fleece. So looking forward to playing with this one. Never mind the three plus other fleeces left from my own flock waiting to be washed.

Vinalhaven Merino waiting to be washed, yay!
Vinalhaven Merino waiting to be washed, yay!


So my questions are of varying topics for you:

Do you name your vehicles? I usually don’t but I think my new BFF the RV deserves a name.

Do you think Merino has to be spun fine?? That was the comment on one of my other skeins, if you want to have bulky merino it has to be a bunch of plies, not just two fat singles. Is something bad going to happen to my fat 2 ply merino yarn?

Confess, what projects do you not block after knitting? You know you have done it. Admit it.

Finally, on demos, what kind of demos do you like to see at fiber festivals? I tried to have a variety of artists doing their thing for people to watch, felting, great wheel, weaving, rug hooking, lace making, drop spindle, carding, spinning, paper making, dyeing, knitting and combing.  Do you have any other suggestions?

Yes, it was a busy weekend. I am happy to read your responses on any of these vital fiber issues.


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  1. Hi Gabi……
    Just seeing this blog now. I’m a bit behind the times with this techy stuff. Names for RV? Wow. That’s like naming another child for heaven’s sake! The Eyermobile? Have fun choosing one. And enjoy all that this summer brings. I’ll see you at Fiber College !!

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