When you find a thing that really captures your mind and you could do for hours without getting bored or distracted, what is that? Some might call it passion, but maybe it’s a bit more than that. Seriously, People are like that with lots of things, hyper-focus is a gift, sometimes. When you forget to eat or bathe, maybe not so much.
However, I have a family who regularly reminds me they are hungry and need things like clean clothing so my forays into the obsessive are limited to after the house is asleep.
My point is that sometimes we fixate on something and have to get it done or go mad with distraction. While I was working on spinning the merino I felt like that. Slightly obsessed.

My other spinning friends would be like, “What are you spinning? Oh, still with the merino? Can I touch it?” It’s so soft, yes, please touch. Mhhmm, yes still a pound to go.
Other spinners might say, “How can you just spin white? Don’t you get bored? I need color or I get bored with it.” No, I don’t get bored, have you touched it? I am a very tactile person. Touching soft things makes me happy. I love having a soft cowl or scarf on I can touch and snuggle with. Sorry if that makes me odd. It’s a sensory thing.

Snuggly white Merino Yarn, Can you hear it?
Snuggly white Merino Yarn, Can you hear it calling me?

However, now I have another dilemma, all this white soft snuggly yarn, needs to be knit. It is now calling to me.
“Make me into a lovely wrap, you can wear me all day!” Oh yes, a wrap, so versatile.
“A cardigan, I need to be a cardigan!” Ooo, I love sweaters, a new one for my collection!
“Knit me, Knit me, Knit me!” Yarn be quiet, must think!
So, I have been searching through patterns. I think I have found one I like, not too fancy, a nice edging on a modern looking shawl. However, the yarn, it’s still white. I was afraid to dye it as fiber because of felting, more likely to happen as fiber. I only wear white in the summer, I’m kind of a black and gray with the occasional brown thrown in dresser. Seriously, I love me some gray yarn. Color is good for the occasional accent in my wardrobe. I also am kind of messy and even dumped soup in my lap last week at a book club meeting. So maybe something that will not show the occasional soup stain?
I am thinking of dyeing the yarn, but I am not sure about which color blends, so a solid would be good. Everything I have that is color is usually burgundy or purple. Should I change it up, go green? Or blue? I can’t do blue, thirteen years of navy blue has soured me on that color. But I kinda would love to try an indigo vat, however, I don’t think my first time will be on my squidgy white yarn. I love the whiteness of the yarn but don’t see myself wearing it in white. Maybe I should wait and spin the colored merino then put them together in a project, a sweater! No, it wants to be knit now.
Anyway, I think I have picked a pattern, it is called Broadwyn Shawl by Miriam L. Felton. Maybe it’s because the model has a certain look, and the sample is knitted in gray. It is also simple and I could whip it out pretty quickly unlike the other several years long lace projects I have undertaken.


What do you think? Do you have a pattern you might use for this yarn? My yarn is a fingering three ply merino. I have 1lb and 12 oz of this yarn waiting to be knit. What would you do? Dye it then knit it? Or Knit it then dye it? Tell me in the comments, what would you do?

2 thoughts on “Obsessions with Fiber Merino Part 2: What To Do With the Yarn? Once you have spun it . .

  1. I think you should dye it. There are so many options. Do you do acid dyes? I understand the process but am not into creating my own dye kitchen. Easter egg dyes are an option. Do you have a friend who dyes? I have a friend and all she does is custom dye work. Any white yarn will probably go to her for help…. Good luck! I am stuck on Brown Merino….

    1. Hi Sara! I have done a little natural dyeing and some acid dyes. I have a dedicated pot and crockpot. I enjoyed spinning the merino. I am actually half way done knitting a white shawl and have decided I will dye it after it is knitted. Then dye the rest of the yarn for other projects.

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