Daisy and her baby Stewart

Daisy and her baby Stewart

These sheep would not pose

These sheep would not pose

Handspun and dyed Locks

Handspun and dyed Locks

Picking another name, for my Etsy shop

I'm Finally on Etsy! Hello LifeofYarn! Five Sisters Farm has a shop link on this site (which really needs updating) but in an effort to tap into the Etsy handmade market, I have launched an Etsy shop. Honestly, the Etsy site is pretty easy to use. Yes, I know there was controversy when the company went public and people criticized that the small handmade producer would be lost in the mass, but I really just need a place to sell handspun yarn.

Frolicking in Maine is Fun!!

So this past week  I was recovering from a fabulous but exhausting weekend at the 2016 Maine Fiber Frolic: Maine’s Premier Sheep and Wool Festival!  Several different things were going on to prepare for this lovely weekend of fiber fun. It was the maiden voyage of our new to us family camper. We haven’t named her yet, but I think that needs to happen. We loved having the convenience of a kitchen, beds with mattresses, and I really love not sleeping on

Sheep to Sweater Project: How to take four years to make a sweater

Following are the very simple steps to successfully knit your man a sweater in four years, because that's what you do when you really love him. Step One: Find a fleece at local fiber fair, the one in Maine is The Maine Fiber Frolic: Maine's Premier Sheep and Wool Festival. Look at fleece, marvel at its softness, think maybe you should buy it, the color is amazing chocolatey brown that you are sure would make a lovely sweater for your husband. Go back

Angora Adventures: How to Bathe a Rabbit!

Fun with Rabbits! Today I discovered there are unique problems that come from having four boy rabbits, called "bucks" in the rabbiting world. All of my boys are intact, meaning they were never neutered. Most of the time this doesn't cause any problems. And then there was this week. My daughters often help with the rabbits. They are great helpers. Sometimes the rabbits get mixed up into the wrong cages, which also usually isn't too much of a problem.

Where does your fiber come from?

Baby Lambs! Spring is here! Well, sort of. Up here in Maine it is still below freezing at night and my kids are still wearing mittens, but we can feel that warm weather coming. Spring is lambing season! We have three new lambs on the farm, they haven't been named yet, but they are soooo cute! Eventually in the spring I will get lovely fleeces from these babies, I can't wait, luckily I have the fleeces from the adults this year to play with.  That

Luxury Spinning: Angora bunny, softest fiber ever!

After having angora bunnies for the last two years, now I know why Angora fiber and yarn is so costly. My adventures with Angora bunnies began a couple of winters ago when someone was looking to re-home some fluffy rabbits. Being a spinner and knowing how expensive angora can be I thought, why not? So we drove two hours into the Maine wilderness and brought home three fluffy boy rabbits. I wasn’t ready to try dealing with baby bunnies so boys was just fin...

Obsessions with Fiber Merino Part 2: What To Do With the Yarn? Once you have spun it . .

When you find a thing that really captures your mind and you could do for hours without getting bored or distracted, what is that? Some might call it passion, but maybe it’s a bit more than that. Seriously, People are like that with lots of things, hyper-focus is a gift, sometimes. When you forget to eat or bathe, maybe not so much. However, I have a family who regularly reminds me they are hungry and need things like clean clothing so my forays into the ...

Hand Spinning with a Spindle: A Truly Portable Spinners Tool

This fall I have been teaching a Fiber Explorations class through an Adult Education program at a local High School. It has been a small but passionate group of women coming together to learn about some of the amazing things you can do with wool.   Our first mini project was to build drop spindles out of wood dowels and toy wheels in order to make yarn. There are a lot of beautiful artisan made spindles out on the market. You can get them ma...

Obessions with Fiber: Current chapter – Merino

So, I’m not finished making the beautiful lace shawl I have been working on in fits and starts all year, however, I have a good reason. A fiber well known all around the world, Merino. However, this Merino is not from New Zealand, Australia, or any other large wool producing country. It is from the Maine island of Vinalhaven, at Long Cove Farm. Ever since I started spinning, I occasionally would spin Merino, usually dyed, superwash, processed at...

The Common Ground Fair – One of the best fairs in Maine!

      So this weekend I am headed to the Maritime Spinners Retreat in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. I am excited to go but just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of my last excursion to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine in September. It was so much overwhelming fun! The Common Ground Fair is put on every year by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association or MOFGA. It has grown to a large amazing fair that cel...